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How an Austin doctor who couldn't find the record button a camcorder used a video to win $40,000.

Dr. Maria Monge was in shock.

Funding for her in-clinic dietician has just been slashed. This was devastating because as an adolescent medicine doctor, she treated teenage girls with serious, sometimes life threatening eating disorders.


This dietician could quite literally, save lives.

But she couldn't magically snap her fingers and find more money. Unfortunately, the medical system doesn't work that way.

But she did have one last hope.


A presentation to the Dell Children Women's Trust. A group of philanthropic donors that award grants to health care professionals.

Maria knew what she had to do. The stories of her female patients were the key. If she could tell these stories, she had a very good chance to win funds she could use to bring her dietician back.


A video presentation would certainly get their attention.

But she had no idea how to make a video. Or where to start. 

That's when she called me.

I walked her through the entire production process. This is was a project dear to my heart, so I dropped all other work to focus on this. Within one week, she was ready to show this video.​

And she did. 

And she won.

Over $40,000! Dr. Maria Monge was able to bring her dietician back into her office.


This video clearly demonstrates how personal stories can persuade and move people to action. 

Hear from Dr. Maria Monge about working with Woody Harrison Films

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