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Daily Positivity 11/12/18

Video production austin
This is not just coffee. It's a goal reached.

Here's to the little things. I just bought a single cortado from Stonehouse coffee on South Lamar. I'm meeting with Bicycle Sport Shop to discuss another video. What we have here are two incredibly amazing things:

1. When I began filming videos again, I had zero money. I opened another business account with the minimum required, $25. That's what I had. Now, I have enough money in savings to cover taxes and pay for a single cortado..(and other things :) I made that happen. No one else.

2. Working with Bicycle Sport Shop has been of goal of mine for at least 4 years, and now, I'm producing 3 videos for them by the end of the year.

Keep at it folks. Good things will happen.

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Just remember, the daily positive mindset takes practice and persistence. It's the same as making muscles stronger by using them more.

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