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Daily Positivity 11/28/18

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Ever noticed how negative thoughts just creep into your daily routine? Complaints about traffic. Judging people for smoking. Judging people because they drive a really nice car, or a really beat up car. Or losing patience over small, unimportant things.

It's because negative thoughts 'just happen' with little conscious effort.

Positive thoughts need to be intentionally placed into your mind to be used.

Just like strong muscles and fitness only happen by exercising. You have to Purposely work your ab muscles for them to be stronger. It's exactly the same for positive thinking. It's nothing more than a thought muscle and the more you work out the muscles of positive thought, the stronger those thoughts become.

One of the easiest ways to flex this muscle is to say out loud, daily, the things you are grateful for in your life.

This is nothing new. I'm sure you've heard about this. An "Attitude of Gratitude."

Yet, isn't it alarming how quickly we forget about the good things in our lives?

Hell, even a good cup of coffee in the morning gets me grateful!

So today, find one thing to be grateful for. A comfortable pair of shoes. A car that starts. Your health. And say out loud, "I'm so happy and grateful for.....(the thing)"

Repeat that every day. I do.

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