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How To Find Great Customer Testimonials With Minimal Effort

We had four weeks to find and produce 3 moving, motivational stories to promote the Real Ale bike ride for the Bicycle Sport Shop.

We had 0 stories. 0 people. Perfect!

Who doesn't love a challenge??

This is a common situation for many businesses that want to find and tell stories from existing customers, like for testimonial videos. The biggest problem is trying to get a hold of these customers, because often, the marketing team will have to go through sales or some other department that has owns the relationship with the customers. That leads to hold ups in production because this other department is really busy and probably can't devote the time to researching who the right customers would be, and then making the introduction.

So, we created an alternative plan to finding the perfect story. A plan doesn't rely on any other departments and damn near guarantees you find the best story possible. This plan can be used by just about any kind of business for any kind of customer.

Here it is.

We put together a simple survey through Survey Monkey. It's 3 questions that are relevant to the type of video we were creating. We send it out to the email list and through the Facebook page.

Tell us your story. Win a free ride.

For the uninitiated, the Real Ale Ride is Bicycle Sport Shop’s annual charity ride, coming up on Saturday, May 18, 2019 in Blanco, TX.

Whether this is your first or tenth ride with us, we want to hear YOUR story: what got you into cycling? Are you recovering from an illness or injury and now you’re making a big comeback? Have you met someone amazing over a post-ride beer? Tell us all about it!

Winners will get two (2) free entries and one (1) jersey for the Real Ale Ride, a $300 value!

Want in? Let’s ride! Just answer these few questions:

  1. How did you first become a part of the Austin cycling / Bicycle Sport Shop community?

  2. What does cycling as a sport or activity mean to you? Is it something you do with your family, significant other, and/or friends?

  3. Do you have a story about an awesome race experience, a goal you’ve reached, a crazy #epicfail, or a ‘how we met’ story that happened over a ride?

Are you willing to appear on camera, and are you available the week of April 8 for filming?

That’s it! Easy, right? Thanks so much for your participation, and we can’t wait to hear your story!


The responses we got were simply amazing. In total, 54 complete strangers shared their stories with us. It just goes to show,

People want to tell their story. Just give them a chance.

From there, it was a simple matter of contacting them and setting up the filming date. Here's the stories we produced, starting from not knowing a single one of these people existed a week before to completed videos.


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