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How to make your next conference video more Powerful & Memorable

In-person Trade Shows & Conferences are still a HUGE part of the business marketing landscape.

According to, the combined number of upcoming trade shows & conferences in the U.S. alone total a staggering 14,120!!! That's a lot of donuts, coffee and iPad giveaways.

Wether it's B2B or B2C, these mammoths of contained humanity aren't going anywhere, anytime soon, because of stats like the one's laid out in this article.

So obviously, your conference is not alone. You've got some competition out there. 14,119 to be exact.

Now is where your pre-event marketing comes in. How is your event different? Better? Worth someone's money to attend?

This pre-event marketing is huge. You need good attendance numbers to make it profitable, and you need to make sure the marketing content motivates people to get off their butts and register.

And this, my good event marketers, is where a video can really shine.

But not just any video. Because here's a fact that don't need no stats:

Most "Wrap Up" videos are boring, and won't do squat for next year's registration numbers.

Here's why.

Because they don't give your prospect a compelling reason to register. Shaky video of a trade show floor, presenters on a stage, people eating, drinking cut to some techno type sounding music is not compelling. All it says is: "We have a trade show floor. We have presenters. We have food and drinks."


C'mon, you can do better than that, right?? Yes, you can, by telling a story

You lead with people and the transformation they experience because of your conference.

Let's say you have a marketing conference. You teach thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs how to be successful by turbo charging their marketing game. Sounds pretty cool!

Well, this is the case with Digital Marketer's annual "Traffic & Conversion" conference.

Thousands of people attend to learn from America's premiere digital marketers. It's a transformative conference for many.

Wait....did you catch that word?


This is where story starts. This is the foundation for you to make a memorable and kick ass promotional, story driven video. Because, what do people really want out of a conference like this?

To be educated. Sure, a little.

To be inspired. Getting closer.

To be transformed? YES!

To be transformed from a flabby blob of marketing mush to a lean, mean, Facebook Ad killing machine!!!!


So this is what the video should focus on. The attendees that were totally blown away and, wait for it....transformed, by the experience of attending.

Digital Marketers video team did a great job of that with this video

"The first thing I'm gonna do is crush my competition."

LOVE IT!!! That guy came in hesitant, worried. Now, he's fired up! He's a changed man.

Isn't that a billion times more engaging than...just about anything else? Makes me wanna go.

Or maybe your conference has a special draw, that's unique to this conference and only this conference. Maybe you have the greatest hands-on demo room known to man. Or valuable and FREE on-site training.

My good friend, master video storyteller and mentor (even though he may not know it) Todd Rogenthien of Media Masters and myself created this video for the Ron LeGrande Real Estate Summit.

This easily could have been a barf bag of features and benefits, prices, and ways to buy. It could have, but it wasn't.

We told a story. Again, a story of transformation. You'll see what I mean.

What do people really want out of your conference?

A free iPad? That would be nice, but no.

Free coffee? Free beer? Nice perk, but again, no.

They want transformation. They desperately want to leave with the certain knowledge that because of what YOU presented at YOUR conference, they can take on the world.

If you can provide that, you owe it to yourself and your attendance numbers to tell a story about it.


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