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How To Sell a Product with A Story...without trying to sell it.

The people at Stewart Macdonald are experts at this. StewMac makes guitar repair tools used by the premiere luthier's (people who make guitars) and guitar repair gurus around the world. They make THE GOOD STUFF!

This video is proof.

I filmed and produced this video for StewMac here in Austin, because I got to see, up close, Trigger, Willie Nelson's famous Martin acoustic guitar. It's as legendary as he is, and this guitar has defined his sound for more than 60 years!!! That's crazy.

As you can imagine, this guitar needs lots and lots of TLC.

That's where Mark Erlewine comes in. He's a master guitar repair god and has been ensuring the survival of Trigger for about 20 years. Maybe more.

And guess what: he uses StewMac tools.

Now, the easy thing for StewMac to do would be to simply create some product videos of the tools being made in the factory, the have some voice of god narrator talking about how bad ass the tools are and wait for the orders to come pouring in. Sure, they could do that.

But why!!!!???

Why would they settle for that, when they know Mark uses their tools to repair the most famous guitar in America? So, they use their tools as part of the story! It's smart and simple.

And, as a viewer, aren't you infinitely more interested in the story of the guitar and how it's repaired? They subtly throw in product descriptions as Mark uses their tools. The tools are an after thought, just an element of the story.

And it works.

Over 3 million combined views for the 2 part video. Not too shabby. And lots of theses views could be good customers too.

Think about the products and services you offer. Who is using them on a daily basis? What's unique about some of those users? Why did they chose your product?

You don't need a legendary guitar repair man repairing a famous guitar.

You just need to ask those questions to start your story.


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