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Introducing, Woody Harrison Films

I've been filming, editing, lighting, producing, making videos for 17 years. Holy cow, really??? In that time, I've done literally every job there is in the video world. And that's part of the problem. There's lots of people, including friends and relatives, who still don't know exactly what I do. To be fair, it's taken me quite a while to figure out exactly what I want to do! That's what this letter is all about. This year marks the beginning of Woody Harrison Films. Here's what it is, and here's how it's different. 1. It's not just me running around with a camera and editing a video together. Truth is, I rarely do the filming or editing on my projects. I work with people who are way better than I am. 2. This is a full service video production company that focuses on a single thing: Video Storytelling for Business. That means videos that create an emotional connection by telling the stories of the REAL people using the product or service. 3. My entire process is focused on this and only this. So I'm not really set up to create animated explainer videos, or scripted training videos. I know people who can through. 4. I'm the video Producer. That means I'm the main contact with the client. I work with them to discover the best story, find the best people to be in the video, build the story, manage the budget, timeline and production.

One the best marketing tools a business can have is sincerity. That's what these videos create, and that's why they're so desperately needed and that's why I love creating them.

Thanks for being here folks.


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