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Oh yeah, there was a moment!

This is one of my favorite series of stories.

I was hired by Liz Bently ( to film her stage presentation and film some client testimonials with her Sotheyb's real estate agents.

And since I love to hear a good story, I decided to ask each one of her real estate agents a personal story. I decided to ask: what did you do before real estate, and do you remember "the moment" when you decided to quit your job, change your life and chase your new dream.

The answers were spectacular.

Now, I knew these people for 3 minutes or less before we sat down and started filming. Not exactly an established relationship! But how they opened up to me was so humbling because even within a short time, they trusted me enough to tell me some very personal stories. Some stories, like Gregg Lynn's, he had never told to anyone.

And that's why I like what I do so much. It's an open invitation for an emotional connection that I can't get anywhere else.

Here's the videos. Enjoy.

Natalie Hatchett

Michael Dreyfus

Lauren Holleran

Josh Behr

Gregg Lynn

Becky Frey


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