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Professional quality live streaming of your next online event

Do you need to live stream your next big event, but are tired of the poor quality of Zoom, Go To Meeting, Hangouts, etc....(you get the idea).

Then let me and my team take your online event to the next level!

We have over 30 years (yikes!!) of experience in video production including live events, storytelling, and video editing.

We'll bring in professional cameras, audio, lighting and even multi-camera set ups.

What we can do:

  • Multi-camera

  • Integrate Power Points and videos

  • Make you look and sound fabulous!!

  • Presentation coaching

We'll do all the technical work so you can focus on making the best of a....different....situation.

There has never been a better, or needed time to present a professional quality online presentation.

Call or email now!



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