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The Power of Simple Video Storytelling

"Lets' get, to the point...." -Tom Petty.

There's plenty of social studies and tests out there stating humans have a very short attention span.

You didn't need a study, or article to tell you that. You know this already.


Meaning, your story needs to get to the point quickly.

So, what is your point? What do you want to say? What do you want to sell?

Here's a little formula that helps me out. I do my best to follow this for every video story I create.

Within the first 7 seconds, clearly state the problem your character is facing.

This is the problem that your service will solve. Make sure you clearly state the problem. This is important. If you don't, your viewers won't be able to identify with the people in the video and they'll tune out, click away, next video. We're trying to form an emotional connection with the viewer, and the best way to accomplish that is to clearly state a problem that they are feeling. If you've done your homework about your audience, you will know this problem.

This is why All City Real Estate's recruiting video has been so successful for them. They are 100% certain about the problem they are solving. They know their audience very well. So Kevin is able to get to the point very quickly, so the viewers are drawn in, and kept in.

Another effective method of simple video storytelling is minimizing video that is not needed. This video consists entirely of interviews. No extra video of Realtors driving in their cars, shaking hands with "clients" or on their computers....doing...something. That video would add nothing to the content. So don't use it.

Let's get to the point. This video does that. Very well.


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