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There's ALWAYS A Story to Tell

Girls youth volleyball isn't exactly a high action sport. There's no bump, set, spike! No back sets and no jump serves.

So, how in the world am I supposed to tell a story about Lake Travis Youth Association girls volleyball? A story that has heart. That is entertaining. That isn't boring!!

This is the exact challenge I took on when my friend Leif asked me to put together a video to thank the Lake Travis High School varsity volleyball players who volunteered as youth coaches this past season. He just wanted a simple video, but...

I always, always have to find a story. Always. So I started digging and I found something cool.

One team has three dads as the coaches.

So I got the names, numbers and emails of three dads who are the volunteer coaches.

Yup, three dads that all coach on the same girls youth volleyball team. Off to a pretty interesting start.

I started calling the dads. Asking questions. Finding out why they coach. What was important to them? What are their biggest challenges? How did the high school player/coaches help with those challenges?

What I found out was unexpected, but made for a great story. A story with characters that have a conflict and as resolution. And ultimately, something that was meaningful to them and conveyed an experience that many other parent/coaches can connect with.

So, no matter what your product or service remember: There's ALWAYS a story to tell. You just have to look deeper than the features and benefits. Look outside the world you're familiar with. Start asking why...a lot.

Enjoy the video.


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