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This ONE thing will make your videos better.


Conflict is the SINGLE most important storytelling element you can use to engage you audience.

How many times have you sat through a story, just waiting for it to end? When it's done you find yourself asking: "What was the point of that story?"

We've all been there.

Lame stories that are a waste of time.

And I know why. And I know how to help make your stories....not lame!


This is the single most important element of any story, yet it's often overlooked. Or worse, omitted on purpose.

Conflict, by its very nature, is scary. It causes problems in our brain, makes our skin crawl.

Conflict is uncomfortable. And that's the point!!!!!!

No great story can be great without conflict. But sometimes, it takes courage to make conflict part of your story. We naturally want to avoid it.

But conflict makes us care and identify with people.

This story is one of my all time favorites. Lauran has a great story. Her conflict is HUGE, literally life and death. Picture what this story would be if she introduced herself and then skipped straight to how this miracle drug had helped her. It would be interesting, but there wouldn't be as much reason for us to care.

If your nonprofit would like to create stories to engage viewers and tell your story, please contact me and lets chat.

Thanks for watching.


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