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I HAVE A SECRET: I made this video for free.

A friend of mine, Maria, came to me in desperate need. She had just lost a considerable amount of funding for her clinic. One of the staff cuts was her incredibly important dietician. 

However, she did have one long shot option. Present to a group of women philanthropists, tell her story, and hopefully win a grant that would bring the dietician back in house.

So, she reached out to me, wanting to know how she could use video in her power point presentation.

After she told me her story, there was NO WAY I could not do this video. 

This video is the direct result of following the Muse process. It took only a couple of hours to film, less to plan and a couple of hours to edit. 


In the end, she WON THE GRANT FOR $45,000! As a story teller, it was one of my proudest moments.

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