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How Your Story, Not Your Services, Can Help You Win Donations.

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

This expression is truth, whether you like to admit it or not.

People buy emotionally and justify rationally.

Dan Ariley has made an entire career talking about this phenomenon.

Think about the last expensive “necessary” purchase you made. Maybe it was the $200 dinner, a pair of shoes that cost more than you used to make at your first job in a week. Or, in my case, a set of new mountain bike rims and tires that…I didn’t really need.

But, I WANTED them. Emotionally, I felt this was something that would make me happy, and it did. So I backed it up with reasons that, quite honestly, weren’t actually rational. But hey, I FELT better after.

This is just one example of this concept of buying emotionally.

Making an emotional connection with donors so they will give you money.

Let’s revisit the previous truth: people buy emotionally and justify rationally. With that in mind, which area of your organization has the ‘emotion’ component? Is it the great services

you offer? How long you’ve been helping people? How many people you’ve helped?

Or, does the emotional component live with the real people you help? Real stories of struggle, with a journey, and transformation…because of your services?

This TedX talk explains it perfectly.


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