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This Video Is Worth Over $40,000. Here's Why:

Austin, TX.

This particular staff cut went deep

and Dr. Maria Monge felt the sting instantly. Cutting her Registered Dietician was especially

devastating since she works primarily with teenage girls at her clinic in Central Austin.

As you may know, this population, teenage girls, suffers high instances of eating disorders and that’s precisely why the treatments her dietician provided was so critical.

This single staff member had the ability to change lives, even save them.

So when she was cut, Dr. Maria was panicked, but she did not waste time finding a solution.

She reached out to a local philanthropic group, the Dell Children’s Women’s Trust, seeking advice and help. She was in luck. They had an event coming up in a month where based on merit, they would award grants.

But there was competition here. Maria wasn’t the only one pitching for grant money this day.

She needed to stand out and get noticed. So she decided to tap into the superpower that lives and breathes in the very office she works at every day. And this superpower: the story of her patients.

She knew a video would make a memorable impression on the audience, make her case stand out above the rest. Only problem: she had no idea how to make a video!

That’s when she reached out to me, (sometime around 9pm on a Wednesday.)

Maria told me her story and her opportunity and I said yes, I would totally help. (of course! I mean, how do you say no to something like this!!!????)

Together, we were able to tell the stories of two patients and their families, both teenage girls, that have suffered through eating disorders and how a dietician could profoundly benefit them.

The story was structured in a classical way-hero’s journey-and easy to follow.

So easy, that when Maria showed it to the Dell Children’s Women’s Trust, they immediately gave her a grant for over $40,000! That day!!!

With that money, she was able to bring her Registered Dietician back in house!!!

Personally, I can’t think of a moment when I’ve been more proud of what my work helped accomplish.

So: what superpowers live and breath in your world?


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