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Riding your bike off a cliff and running your own business is a lot alike.

I've watched lots of mountain bike videos and most of them are boring as hell.

They're boring because there isn't a story to follow. There's no one to root for. No conflict I can identify with. Just a bunch of crazy men doing crazy shit on their bikes that I will never be able to do.

That's why this video is so damn good. So different.

There's a clear story to follow. A story that chronicles the struggles of being an extreme mountain biker.

But more than that, the story is a universal one. A story of following your dreams and failing.

Over and over.

I can see myself in this story, and as a business owner, you'll see yourself in it too.

A story of why in the HELL, as business owners, we continue to struggle, fight and scrap, fail when it would just be easier to take the traditional road and get a "real job."

I've been waiting for a mountain bike video that presented me with a story I can identify with.

I know you'll identify with it too.


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