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How To Make Grown Men Burst Out In Tears

words from my latest client:

"Our team at Finishing Touch wanted to create a video that encompassed the who, what and why of our ministry to use at our fundraiser as well as on our website. The scope of our ministry is multifaceted, and our challenge was to succinctly tell our story in a short film. A video can leave a lasting emotional impression far beyond what words can say.

As overwhelming at times as this project seemed, we were excited about working on having a video to tell our story.

Every step of the way, Woody listened to us and made any changes we suggested. A true artist and professional but also very relational, easy going and fun to work with. Now a word about the emotional impact the video had on our guest at our fundraiser. There was barely a dry eye in the room of 300+ people and, yes, that includes all the men!! SUCCESS!! The film had all the emotional impact we had hoped for and was a big part of the reason our event met all our expectations..."


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