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This video will make you smile. Big. I promise!

The Girl Scouts of Central Texas had a problem and it's the same problem your nonprofit has.

We can't get together in person like we used to.

This made it IMPOSSIBLE for the GSCTX to host their annual Cookie Sellerbration gala. This is a huge, graduation like ceremony where the CEO personally congratulates every girl that sold 1000 boxes or more of Girl Scout cookies.

That's A LOT of cookies!!

Luckily, together, we came up with a solution.

The solution: iPhones, good questions, and some editing.

First, the entire video. It's long, but good. The really fun one is just down below...

Together, Woody Harrison Films and the team at GSCTX was able to produce a 20-ish minute show that featured about 15 girls talking about why they worked so hard to sell so many cookies, what they're favorite cookie flavor was and what they learned in the process of selling 1000 cookies.

It was great!

But the finale was the best it should be.

I was going to explain how we did this, but...nah. Just watch the video, you'll love it.

If you're nonprofit is looking to create great content for it's upcoming online event, contact me.


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